About Pete

The collection of thoughts below, were written by a few of the many family, friends and colleagues that had the pleasure of being a part of Pete's life. At the bottom of each section we will collate anecdotes and testimonies. We would relish your contribution, please send us yours here.



Peter was born on Sunday 14th August 1983 (the day Steve Cram won the World 1500 metres title) at Bart’s Hospital, the son of John and Marion and younger brother of Charles who is two years older. At… Read More >>>

Eastbourne College

'The Sunshine Coast', where Pete spent his teenage years, was the training ground for his notorious quick wit and fiery banter that endeared him to everyone. Whilst being a gifted academic, achieving… Read More >>>

Gap Year

January 2002, an email from Pete confirmed the good news. He too was keen to broaden his horizons and, as far as we were concerned, the only way to do that was to travel to the other side of the… Read More >>>


Leeds University. The fertile academic landscape that cultivated a host of notable alumni, from Former Secretary of State Jack Straw to prominent author Ngugi Wa Thiong'o to Mystic Meg. In September… Read More >>>


Pete was always a child of the sun. One glimpse of the sun's tantalising rays and he would transform. Typical to Pete's constant struggle to thwart convention, Pete's tan was not your standard Rod… Read More >>>

Oxford Brookes

I first met Pete Westropp online. No, not like that. I was off to study a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes and did not know anybody else going so decided to email everybody… Read More >>>

Gerald Eve

Peter sounds far too formal a name for the 'lad' we came to know and love. Pete/Westie/West-dog/Windthorpe joined Gerald Eve in September 2007 as one of 10 graduates that year. Pete broke the mould… Read More >>>


Like most special, dynamic and complex realities and feelings, it is difficult to do justice on paper to the magic inherent in our experience of Peter in Ireland. For the last couple of years of his… Read More >>>


October 2007, four fresh faced go getters, by the name of Pete, Sam, Chris and Charlie moved into Bolingbroke Grove. Great Britain's industrial centre was about to be taken by storm and the… Read More >>>


Frequent pilgrimages were made by Peter down to Wild Goose Cottage, the nature of these trips changing somewhat over the years. In his younger years, time was spent burrowing through bushes and… Read More >>>


The infectious enjoyment that Peter derived from 'gigging' can be traced back to his first ever musical purchase - Vanilla Ice's 90's classic - 'To The Extreme' (on vinyl). Even at a young age, the… Read More >>>


“Skiing and Drumming”. For a modest man that revelled in self depreciation, these were two skills Pete was quietly confident in. If you ever had the pleasure of witnessing him do either, it was a… Read More >>>


Travelling to watch Arsenal up and down the country and into Europe can be a frustrating hobby. However, a few of us were fortunate enough to enjoy many games with Pete and whenever he was involved,… Read More >>>