cottageFrequent pilgrimages were made by Peter down to Wild Goose Cottage, the nature of these trips changing somewhat over the years.

In his younger years, time was spent burrowing through bushes and playing kick the can, but it was around the time that Peter struck up a rapport with Robert, the ale fuelled landlord of the local watering hole, that trips seemed to take on a slightly different dynamic. Peter was famous for hosting endorphin riddled weekends at the cottage. The BBQ would see the consumption of the recommended weekly allowance of meat in the first sitting, washed down with a more than adequate supply of fine wine and whatever other inebriating fluids were available, and then burnt off with a fine game of garden cricket and progressively more raucous sessions of dancing to a continuous soundtrack of power ballads.

Peter was ever the galvanising protagonist, more than able in all of the aforementioned disciplines and though The Cottage was home territory, his ability to unite a group was a feature of so many of his social circles.