Eastbourne College

eastbourne'The Sunshine Coast', where Pete spent his teenage years, was the training ground for his notorious quick wit and fiery banter that endeared him to everyone.

Whilst being a gifted academic, achieving the top mark in his year at Geography A-Level, the social side of school life was where Pete thrived. He joined in with all aspects; from tuck-shop raids and playing music in house shows in his formative years, to showing the younger fraternity that a balance could be achieved between work and play as head of house in his final year at the college.

Music was a real passion for Pete throughout school, and also a very convenient excuse to help him enjoy various extra-curricular activities. Most evenings he would use the music school as a ploy to escape the house. A keen drummer, no teacher would ever suspect that he would be doing anything other than drumming. Obviously, though, there was rarely a drum-kit involved at all. Post-prep, he could be found visiting other houses to see his many friends, and seemed to enjoy starting up awkward conversations with girls. This trait never changed. The college also helped Pete nurture his sporting ambitions.

As goalkeeper for the 1st XI, Pete held a commanding presence on the pitch. He was also a tidy batsman, both in 'yard cricket' and out in the middle. A highlight of any Westropp innings would be a classic forward defensive stroke, held for far too long, but to great comic effect.

Pete was the heart and soul of Pennell House during his time there. He was held in high esteem by students and teachers alike, leading to friendships that prevailed through gap-years, university and ultimately on to London.