Memorial Trust

pwmtlogoweb-2The Peter Westropp Memorial Trust has been set up under the Charities Aid Foundation umbrella (charity number 268369). The money raised by the Trust will be donated to existing charities that aim to help and support the nearly 6 million carers in the UK today.

The first charity that we have chosen to support is the Carers Trust, the largest provider of comprehensive carer support services in the UK.

This is a truly exceptional cause and one that reflects Peter’s desire to include anyone who felt that they were on the periphery of any given situation and make them feel like a valued and important part of their social surroundings.

It is in that spirit that, through the Carers Trust, we hope to give these extraordinary people who, through their own selflessness, are often made to feel on the periphery of society, the help and support they need to take control of their own lives and properly re-engage with the world around them. Or to “tuck in” as one might put it.

The initial target is to raise £250,000 for caring charities over 10 years. This sounds like a huge sum, but if every person that attends the Inaugural Memorial Trust Dinner, manages to raise £100 per year over 10 years then our goal will be more than achieved. So whether it’s a sponsored naked strawberry picking contest, a neon fancy dress gala, or even something as simple as running back to back Ultra marathons while drinking only Primula cheese, we hope people will have an amazing time raising money for what is a worthy cause.

In addition to raising money, we hope that the Trust will prove to be a lasting reminder of all that was great about Peter and give everyone who knew him an on-going reason to come together and celebrate his memory.

What a prospect! We really hope you’ll get involved.