The Carers Trust

Carers Trust Fundraising logo RGBThe Carers Trust is the largest provider of comprehensive support services, reaching more than 443,000 carers, including more than 34,000 young carers, through a unique network of 124 independently managed carers' centres, 73 schemes, 112 young carers' services and interactive websites, and

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction cannot cope without their support.

Carers are people we see every day, putting loved ones before themselves on a continual basis, at the cost of their own quality of life. As a consequence, carers are often forced to give up income and future employment prospects and often suffer from poverty, isolation, frustration, ill health and depression. The majority of carers struggle alone and do not know that help is available to them.

One in ten people are carers in the UK. That's nearly six million people. The Peter Westropp Memorial Trust may not change the face of care in the UK, but we intend to do the best we can to support such a great cause.