Sisters Up Snowdon - May 2014

Sisters LogoSince everyone else has been working so hard to raise money for the trust, my sister and I thought we ought to join in. We don't think budgie smuggling or football are quite our thing so how about a little amble up Snowdon? We are finding the prospect a little daunting but hope we will make it.

I have since discovered that our mother's cousin carried on walking up Snowdon well into his eighties so we really have no excuse! The proposed date for our expedition is Wednesday 28th May.

We shall have Sherpas with us, aka Andrew, Christopher and Jenny! John and Jonathan will be monitoring proceedings from the train and we have yet to determine whether Chutney will be climbing the mountain or accompanying John.

We do hope that you will be able to sponsor us for this epic feat and we will provide photographic evidence of our achievement in due course.

SistazMarion & Jan