Winter Budgie Smuggle 2014

budgie 2014 winterTeam – it’s happening again. Reach for the Vaseline. Basically running around London in small pants/budgie smugglers/speedos raising money for charity. Easy. Please spread the word – very much the more the merrier and you know how good it is.

The 6th Budgie Smuggle Run

Date: Saturday 13th December
Time: 9:55 meet
Location: The Breakfast Club, Battersea Rise, Clapham#

Plan: Arrive, rehearse a 30 second dance routine to be showcased at various locations around central London, go for a run, come back, get changed, go for a few pints.

Outfits: PWMT Budgie Smugglers, £20 if you'd like to purchase and CHRISTMAS HATS.