FESTIVE Budgie Smuggle, Sat. 14th Dec. @10am‏

festive-budgie-smuggle-2013With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to slip into a pair of small festive swimming trunks and dash almost naked down the most affluent streets in London attracting attention and charidy donations and feeling ruddy good about ourselves.

The plan is:

  • Rendezvous at the Dance Attic Studio Cafe, North End Road, Fulham on  Saturday 14th December at 10:00am
  • Have a cup of tea/bacon sandwich
  • Remove all clothing, bar budgie smugglers/Speedos, trainers and a father Christmas hat
  • Jog down to Sloan Square
  • Full Team warm up Split into a number of smaller ‘packets’ to increase speed, agility and maximise shopper harassment
  • Run round central London (circa 3/4 miles – details to follow)
  • Back to the Dance Attic
  • Warm down
  • Lunch
  • General afternoon of smugness and boozing having had the greatest morning in the history of time

There will be a selection of colourful smugglers for sale at the venue, but numbers/correct sizes are dwindling so it would be worth tucking in and arriving primed. Possibly red? It’s Christmas after all.

There is obviously the annual Carol Singing/mulled wine Evening the night previous in The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park at 7pm to, ‘take the track-suit off’ which is the dream warm up for what will be the highlight of our entire lives.

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