Carol Singing: Friday 13th Dec @ The Faltering Fullback‏

Jon-Snow-in-a-Christmas-j-001This year’s international carol concert is shaping up to be the greatest festive event in the history of time.

Not only has it moved out of Garrick Close (new carpets) into the greatest pub in all of London, but has some real treats.

  • Where: Finsbury Park
  • Time: 6:00 rendezvous, for Once in Royal David’s City solo starting punctually at 7pm
  • Date: Friday 13th December  [unlucky for some (not us though)]
  • Dress Code: Christmas Jumpers
  • Our very own fully heated open-fire room (ensuring the Christmas Jumper dress code might genuinely cause a heat injury)
  • A full choir anthem
  • The attaching of a suitcase to the ceiling
  • A fully stocked bar
  • Derek on the ivories
  • Peter the Penguin Children's book on sale (An ideal festive gift)
  • Live Skype links direct to Ireland and the Commonwealth

And a seamless transition into the budgie smuggle run that starts at 10am the following morning at the Dance Attic Studios in Fulham...

What an outrageously brilliant prospect.

Yours in a veritable world of impending festive euphoria,

Jess, Jim, Ted and the PWMT Team