Pedro's Peloton - Buy a pint for Pete!‏

pedro-pelotonA number of property surveyors are tucking into 500 mile bike ride from Munich, Germany to Trieste, Italy at the end of May are hoping to raise some decent dosh for the Peter Westropp Memorial Trust.

The five day ride will include a few hills, given that the route takes them over the Eastern Alps. The chaps will be speeding their way through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and finally finishing in Italy as part of the CBRE annual charity event.

Any donation, no matter how big all small would be gratefully received as we all aim to raise as much money for this incredible trust in the name of an incredible person.

Therefore, if you happen to spare a thought for some of the more "big boned" lads in "Pedro's Peloton" while they struggle over the Alps...please, put your hand in your pocket, "Buy a pint for Pete" and support the cause.

Cheers, Prost, Zum Wohl, Na Zdravje, Salute!

Many Thanks,

Nic Lowry, James Vivian, Ben Urquhart, Liam Murphy, James Catling, Ben Peacock and Andrew Slater